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"Do I need a massage, or do I need an osteopath?"

About Canonbury Clinic of Osteopathy

At the Canonbury Clinic, you’ll get both.  The skeletal system and the muscular system are interconnected, and very often you need to treat both to alleviate the problem.  There may be muscular tension over a specific area because it is protecting an underlying issue.  The muscular tension could be the body’s way of protecting an injured area or misalignment – this is why proper diagnosis and correct treatment is so vitally important.

If you take the muscular tension away, without correcting the underlying problem, you could cause further aggravation. The area may initially feel better after the massage, but because the problem area has not been addressed, the tension will come right back, setting up a pattern of chronic pain and discomfort.

For clients suffereing from chronic muscular tension, that simply won’t respond to deep tissue work, we also also pround to offer Osteopathic Massage – a unique and highly effective combination of treatments to create longer lasting results in far fewer sessions.  To learn more, please click HERE

Osteopathy and Deep Tissue Massage:  A Powerful Combination.

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