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Osteopath Holborn

Holborn: is an area of London in the neighbouring borough of Camden and lays alongside Islington. 

The name Holborn dates back to 959 and is in reference to ‘Hol’ meaning Hollow and ‘Born’ meaning Brook.

Charles Dickens took up residence there and in fact referenced Holborn with several of his characters also residing there.

Within Holborn there are two of the famous Inns of London. Booth Lincolns Inn and Grays inn. These two famous Inns are overlooked by Sir John Soanes Museum from the North and The Royal College of Surgeons from the South 

Queen Victoria opened the Holborn Viaduct in 1868 and it was heralded as the first modern flyover. It spanned the River Fleet beneath it and opened up roads into the newly burgeoning West End above it.

If you live and work in Holborn, and are looking for an osteopath, The Canonbury Clinic of Osteopathy is a short tube or taxi ride away, and offers results driven treatment for numerous issues including back pain, neck issues, headaches, hip &  lower limb disorders, and discomfort associated with pregnancy.  Our highly qualified osteopath is one of the most experienced and eminent in London, and will work towards getting you back on the path to well-being

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