In physics, stress means a force or pressure that produces some kind of deformation or strain, this is a useful definition to remember
Stress can be externally induced  by workload, cold, heat, pain, or noise or it can be internally induced by feelings such as worry, grief, anger, fear or excitement. Although the stressors for each individual will be different our stress mechanisms will respond in much the same way.
It is vital to be aware of your own body and to notice if stress is affecting you. Physical reactions may include muscular tension, headaches, fatigue, shallow breathing and insomnia. Emotional signs may include an inability to concentrate or relax, irritability, mood swings and changes in eating patterns. If these symptoms are not addressed in good time, they can take a major toll on the body’s systems, leading to serious health problems further down the line.
I take a holistic view that the mind affects the body and in reverse the body affects the mind. Taking away the bodies reactions to stress won’t take away the stressors but it will relieve a lot of the physical tension and subsequently illicit a release of that tension.
By a combination of physical treatment, tailored exercise program and lifestyle advice I will help you firstly to release the effects of stress on your body and secondly learn how to relax and enhance your resistance to stress so that the ill effects do not accumulate so readily or have a detrimental impact on your well being, now and in the future.
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