Our Gym

The Canonbury Gym and N1 Gym are exclusive, well equipped, havens of peace and progress, far away from the usual cut and thrust of regular gyms.

You might want to build muscle, lose weight or simply maintain fitness. Depending on what you need, a bespoke exercise plan will be created for you by our osteopath or physical trainer, sometimes by both, and applied in one-on-one-treatments.

Equipment includes: cross cable machine, recumbent exercise bike, free weights, machine weights, bosu ball, swiss ball and med balls and more.

Our Trainers

Aydin Eshref and Lizzie Ackerley are our personal trainers at N1 Gym on Cobble Lane, Islington, and Dan is our trainer and massage therapist at The Canonbury Gym on Upper Street, and their mandate is simple: To make your goal their goal. They will ensure that you get there safely, effectively but most importantly in a way that you'll enjoy.  Aydin, Dan and Lizzie fully educate all clients so that they can take away a healthy, sustainable mindset and body, and will work in conjunction with the care and treatment you are receiving at The Canonbury Clinic of Osteopathy.

The services they offer range from one on one personal training packages and online training packages to nutritional guidance. Each package is built individually and varies according to your goals and lifestyle.  

Please click HERE for more information about N1 Gym, or call Dan on 07739 916754
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