Client Testimonials

"After receiving successful treatment on a lower back injury five years ago, I have continued to be a regular client. I value Hussein's treatment and advise, and would highly recommend to anyone seeking an Osteopath".
Dan Lloyd-Evans, London
"I have been seeing Hussein for 6 years now, due to an injury sustained in a car accident. I travel a lot, and sometimes need to see a practitioner in another city. But I'm always so relieved to come back to Hussein! He is the best osteopath I've ever been to. I find his knowledge is unparalleled - he really knows his stuff. But best of all, I always leave feeling so much better. If you're looking for the best, then Hussein's your man".

Ellen Bennett, London
“I travel around the world with my career, and have had treatments pretty much every where I go. EIM has been, above all, the best. It’s quick and amazingly effective and get’s me back on my feet, and back on stage, in double quick time. I couldn’t do without it. Hussein and his gadgets are the best! I highly recommend."

Fukiko Takase, Professional Contemporary Dancer, London
 I came to The London Shockwave Clinic (at The Canonbury Clinic of Osteopathy) because I was suffering with Plantar Fasciitis.  My Doctor told me that I could expect to be in pain for up to a year, with the possiblilty of surgery at the end of it.  Firstly, I didn't want be in excruciating pain on a daily basis, as I work on my feet in a busy environment.  And secondly, I didn't want to go down the surgery route, as quite frankly, it scared me.  Too many complications and no guarantees!  A friend recommended Hussein at the Canonbury Clinic to me.  It was a godsend, as I started to feel relief after the first treatment.  Miracle!  And after another 3 sessions, it was significantly improved.  The difference this made to the quality of my life on a daily basis was brilliant. I recommend it highly!
K. Weiser, London
Being a cameraman I constantly develop tension in my neck and shoulders. With a combination of hands on treatment and various types of electro-therapy Hussein gets rid of any deep aches and pains that have built up over a period of time. I always feel better after an EIM treatment”

James Nutt, Producer and Director, London
I recently had my second baby, and started to feel very bad pain in my shoulder.  I went to see Hussein, who recommended a course of shockwave treatment.  He said I had Shoulder Tendonitis, and it would take two to three treatments.  The sessions were a little uncomfortable, but really nothing compared to what it felt like to do simple things like getting me and my kids dressed in the morning! Here I am, three sessions later, and my shoulder is virtually back to normal.  Yay!
Denise Blackstone 
"I have been seeing Hussein every two weeks for 2 years now. Initially I had severe back pain and was recommended to visit by a colleague. The original issue was fixed within around 6 sessions. I have a stressful job and more recently have had a knee injury which throws my posture out of line, my visits to Hussein keep me aware of my body and mean I maintain and correct my posture as well as releasing all the stress and tension in my shoulders. Prevention is better than cure in my book and I look to my visits and our talks and banter with glee."

Mandy Swan-Brown, London
“I first sought treatment after suffering a recurrence of an old injury that left me hardly able to walk. Hussein made every effort to fit me in at the last minute and has since provided great advice to help me understand how to manage and improve the health of my spine. Thank you”

Paul Marshall, Finance Analyst, London
" I play a lot of squash and was forced to stop because of very bad pain in my right knee.  The Dr gave me anti-inflammatories, and referred me to a physio which, would take six weeks, which I just didn't feel I had the patience for. I found Hussein (at The London Shockwave Clinic) on the internet and after a chat, started treatment with his shockwave machine.  I'm very pleased with the results, as I had a tournament I really wanted to play in, and managed to get better just in time.  The knee still feels good.  Recommend it highly".
Rav Arjun
“I’m busy with my clients plus my own training schedule, and really don’t have time for lengthy treatments. I also need to have results as soon as possible. For years, I’ve had knots on top of knots in my shoulders, and I’ve struggled to find relief, until now. I come in, get it done and dusted (with EIM), and I can get back to the gym feeling strong and pain free. It's totally worth it for me ."

Xyleese Burford, Personal Trainer and Female Body Building Champion,London
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