About Me

Having started life as a tailor working in the dusty workshops of Saville Row, Hussein was drawn to osteopathy because of a chronic asthma condition.  The transformational effects of the treatments were life changing, and inspired him to train in the profession so he could help others to benefit in the same way. 

Hussein graduated from Osteopathic college with an Honours degree, and has developed a vast knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and pathology.  He has exceptional success rates for neck and shoulder problems. He also specializes in and has developed effective treatments for lower limb disorders, especially in the areas of ankle, foot, knee and  iliotibial syndrome, which is the result of his intensive work with the dance profession.

Hussein has been consultant osteopath to several schools of dance and physical theatre and treats leading dancers from professional companies including: Royal Ballet, Kirov, Rambert, Richard Alston Dance Company, DV8 and Wayne McGregor Dance Company.  He also works in conjunction with leading pilates instructors, yoga teachers and personal trainers, giving patients 360 degree care.

His practice is kept up to date with on-going training in cutting edge treatments including laser therapy, corporeal shockwave therapy and continuous professional development of at least 30 hours per annum.

Hussein’s training in osteopathy included the science of psychosomatics as well as naturopathy.   He has studied psychotherapy and has a keen interest in the body-mind connection in illness.
A published author on stress, Hussein is currently in the process of writing further publications on health and well-being.
Registered with all Major Insurance Companies