Electro Integrated Massage (EIM)

Electro-Integrated Massage is the ultimate in bodywork treatments.

Do you have chronic tension that just won’t go away?  Do you seek regular treatment for knots in your back, neck and shoulders that seems a constant, no matter what you do?   Some clients experience the same pattern of tension, day in - day out.  It simply won’t shift, no matter how many practitioners they’ve seen or different forms of treatments they’ve had.

Offering the latest technology and a combination of years of hands-on experience, Osteopath Hussein Eshref has devised a unique and comprehensive treatment.

By addressing the root cause of discomfort, EIM has been created to have not only immediate impact but longer lasting benefits. EIM is comprised of three different elements not used anywhere else in combination:

Deep Tissue Osteopathic Massage: using hands on to assess the tissues, and highlighting the areas that are effected.

G5 Percussive Massage: G5 percusses, gyrates and vibrates all at the same time - impossible to do with the human hand, which significantly loosens the tissues and increases blood flow.

Extra Corporeal Shockwave Trigger Point Therapy: Shockwave therapy breaks down trigger points in a way that no physical therapy can effectively do. It reaches deep into the tissues with an intense and powerful shortenergy wave, breaking down deep ingrained knots and reducing the pain  response while accelerating the body’s innate ability to heal. 
A session with even the most experienced body work practitioner can be relieving in the moment, but for clients who feel the tension, knots and discomfort come back as soon as they leave the treatment room, then EIM is the massage for them. (Please see our testimonials for patient feedback on EIM).

"In one session, you’re body will have undergone a far more powerful and effective treatment than an entire course of regular sports massage". 
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