Electrical Therapy

Ultrasound: Great for treating chronic conditions such as tendonitis and muscular strains.

Interferential: Used to treat areas of muscular atrophy or wastage due to lack of stimulation.

Infra-red Therapy:  In essence uses electro-magnetic radiation of a particular wavelength that permeates into the site of injury to aid with circulation and stimulate recovery.

Laser therapy:  Uses low level laser light emitted from a diode in both pulsed and continuous bursts of differing wavelengths. This is particularly useful in acute conditions whereby a more manual therapy is difficult to administer.

Percussive Massage Machine:  The use of a hand held machine that delivers both direct pressure and a percussive force together on specific parts of the body. This can be used on focal points of deep knots to release tension or to have an invigorating impact on larger areas of the body.
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